Confessions of an Ex-Feminist (Digital)

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April 01, 2011
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Confessions is the ; honest and heart-rending ; account of a woman who was born into a Catholic family, ; attended parochial schools and fully embraced the beliefs ; of her faith, but ran into major roadblocks in college. ; Amidst the radical feminist college environment of the ; 1960's, she lost her faith, and her morality, jumping ; aboard the bandwagon of "free love." She indulged ; in a series of love relationships in college, all of which ; crashed and burned. Despite the obvious contradiction ; between feminist teachings and her own experience, Murray ; still believed she had to free herself from the yoke of ; tradition.

Attaining a doctorate in philosophy, with ; an emphasis on the feminist writings of Simone de Beauvoir, ; Murray taught philosophy in college. For many years, she ; launched a personal vendetta against God and the Catholic ; Church in the classroom, trying to persuade students that ; God did not exist, mocking values Catholics hold dear, and ; touted feminism as the cure for many social ills. When she ; discovered she was pregnant, Murray followed the route that ; feminists offer as a solution for unmarried women. Much to ; her surprise, her abortion was a shattering emotional ; experience, which she grieved over for years. It was the ; first tragic chink in her feminist armor.

After her ; marriage in 1982, she anguished over the decision to have ; children, but became an advocate of the ; "child-free" movement, believing children were ; burdens and life could be happy life without them. Later in ; her forties, Murray experienced a mysterious series of ; events in which it seemed that "someone" was ; inviting her back to God. The mysterious calls came from ; different ports, including nature, books and other people. ; Gradually, she realized that the One seeking her was ; Christ, and the place He was calling her to was the ; Catholic Church. Eventually realizing it was only in the ; Church that she would find what she was seeking - the ; person of Christ and his love and mercy - Murray returned ; to the Church, and finally found healing and forgiveness ; for the abortion.

Lorraine Murray's Confessions are ; a revelation. They reveal the nasty truth behind women's ; "liberation". Her experiences, and the lessons she ; learns from them, serve as a timely warning of the folly of ; feminism and the destructive impact that feminism has on ; those who fall under its malignant spell.
- ; Joseph Pearce, author The Quest for ; Shakespeare

"Confessions of an ; Ex-Feminist is the gripping story of millions of women ; who lost their religious and intellectual anchors during ; the tsunami of the fatal sixties and seventies. It is a ; movingly honest confession of how pride, arrogance, ; immaturity, ambition, craving to be "liberated", ; blinds the female soul. Abortion kills babies and wounds a ; woman's soul to its very core. But a prodigal daughter ; found her way back home, crushed by guilt, driven by ; repentance, and discovers that God's mercy is boundless. ; She is now given the crucial mission of shouting on roof's ; tops: feminism is the arch enemy of women. This book should ; become a vade mecum of young girls".
- ; Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, author The Privilege ; of Being a Woman

"Lorraine Murray's ; absorbing and poignant book traces her passage from the ; heart of the Catholic Church to the epicenter of the sexual ; revolution and back again. With candor, humor and a knack ; for storytelling, Murray reveals the mysterious ways God ; worked in her soul and leaves readers richer for having ; shared her journey."


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