Priests We Need to Save the Church



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While dissolute bishops and priests around the world grab headlines for their untoward words and deeds, too many other unfruitful priests minister as little more than glad-handing bachelors doing social service work.

Top and bottom, is this the Church that Christ intended? Are these the priests we need?

“No!” cries author Kevin Wells in these compelling pages that showcase how heroic priests can faithfully tread the narrow path of holy self-sacrifice first blazed by the apostles themselves. From scores of insightful interviews with modern priests, exorcists, seminary formators, and even disillusioned laity, Wells here draws forth a blueprint for priestly holiness that can once again fill our Church with priests abounding with sincere, supernatural faith, on fire with God’s love, and moved by the irresistible impulse to save souls, no matter the cost to themselves.

Reading this book will deepen your own faith and help you understand what all priests, by their vocation, are consecrated and called to be. Giving a copy to your parish priest will help him – and encourage him – as he strives to become a member of the small but growing contingent of holy priests we need.

Editorial Reviews

“The descriptive power and eternal truths of this book make it a tribute, an indictment, and a prayer for the priesthood.”
--PATTI ARMSTRONG, Author and journalist, National Catholic Register

“A salutary challenge to what can become an all-too-comfortable life.”
--STEPHEN J. ROSSETTI, Research Associate Professor, Catholic Univesity of America

“This is the book we need to sort through the moral chaos inflicting Catholicism in the modern world.”
--MATT WALSH, Witer, Author and Speaker


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