Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained - Part II - Leader Guide

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This comprehensive guide makes it easy for any faithful Catholic to lead an effective study of Part II of Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, whether at home or in the parish.

Walking leaders step-by-step through each Symbolon session, this guide equips leaders to facilitate with confidence and clarity. The guide provides opening and closing prayers, discussion questions, reflections for participants, and important background to help facilitators lead a session that is both engaging and theologically sound. Beautiful sacred art and quotes from the saints and the Scriptures help leaders make the faith come alive for the people in their study.

Parishes and individuals are using Symbolon in many ways: men's and women's groups, Bible studies, RCIA, family ministry, parent formation during sacrament preparation, adult faith formation, and more! The leader's guide is carefully crafted to help you inspire participants to give themselves more fully to the Lord in each session.

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Praise for Symbolon:

"Symbolon offers a complete program for adult catechesis, with written text, video and DVD, and clear instructions for leading groups of adult learners, all at the service of the beauty and truth given us in divine revelation as interpreted by the Church. The immense effort expended in creating the program will, I hope, be matched by its success in shaping minds and hearts in the Catholic faith."
- Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago

"Symbolon shows prospective Catholics and long-time Catholics not just Church teachings but the Catholic way of life-not just the what but the how of the faith. It does this with a sophisticated mix of images, sound, and text. Participants become intrigued with the Church without being overwhelmed with data. They see how doctrines and practices fit together and how they are meant to be lived out in their own lives. I've never seen a faith-formation program so well thought through as Symbolon."
- Karl Keating, President of Catholic Answers and author of Catholicism and Fundamentalism

"I've admired the Augustine Institute for years as one of the finest engines of the New Evangelization in North America, and its new RCIA/adult faith formation series, Symbolon: The Catholic Faith Explained, is outstanding in every sense. Beautifully produced, rich in content and pleasing to watch, Symbolon is not just a great adult tool for teaching and learning the Catholic faith, but a joy to experience."
- Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Pope Francis, like John Paul II and Benedict XVI, has called every Catholic to be a missionary disciple, an agent of the New Evangelization. And evangelically alert Catholics must be well-formed Catholics.This splendid series will help prepare Catholics to enter mission territory every day, offering others friendship with Jesus Christ."
- George Weigel, William E. Simon Chair in Catholic Studies, Ethics and Public Policy Center

"I have long been looking for a substantial program of catechesis for the RCIA, as well as for adult religious formation. The Augustine Institute's Symbolon is the answer to my prayers. This is a beautifully produced and engaging presentation of the Catholic faith. Symbolon is not only an orthodox compendium of Catholic teaching, but also one that speaks to the questions of those searching for meaning in a secularized culture. I recommend Symbolon to any bishop or pastor who is looking for help in carrying out the New Evangelization."
- Bishop Michael Sheridan
of Colorado Springs

"I like it! It meets the needs of an adult learner because it takes complex concepts and brings them into a practical form through visuals, discussion, and reflections, helping the learner apply it to their own life. It gives a wider view of what the Church teaches, rather than just what comes from Scripture."
- Ginny, St. Joseph Parish

"There are so many levels of the Church, it gets us back to the basics of our faith and explains them at a level we can understand. Symbolon helps us to bring the foundations of our faith into our everyday life."
- Ed and Karen, St. Joseph Parish,

"The videos and guides [for the leader and participants] are really good. They are good not only for RCIA candidates, but also for anyone looking for a refresher on their faith. We want to use the videos to do ongoing training with our catechists. For instance, this fall, I want to invite all our catechists to come together and delve into the episode entitled ‘Who is Jesus?' "
- Brian Desmarais, Church of St. Mary, Tulsa, OK

"Everyone - parents, couples, older [parish] members - are all loving the richness of the videos, and what they are learning. The videos are so captivating and informative! The real key though is that parishioners can access the materials online, wherever they are at, and go deeper with them. Some of our parish moms can't make it to our Wednesday night sessions, so they are going through the sessions at home with their families. Recently, our parish's deacon came up to me and told me that he is hearing a lot of good things about Symbolon from parishioners. It is very exciting to watch it grow in our parish!"
- Belinda Minzenmayer, St. Luke, Temple, TX

"I like the way it is presented, easy to understand. It takes the basics of our Catholic faith and gets right to the point. It seems to talk to everyone; anywhere they are at with their faith."
- Francis, St. Joseph Parish

"I think Symbolon is awesome and I hope all RCIA programs will think seriously about using this program. What I like most is the way knowledgeable Catholic Scripture scholars and theologians present the material through a teaching dialogue. Also, the content of the class keeps the group focused on the truths of the faith and guides them with authentic Catholic teachings. I love the beautiful visuals presented in the videos and I like the way the presenters talk about the authenticity and beauty of our Catholic faith, along with their ability to simplify the truths of the Church's teachings. I think the format of the class provides a well balanced approach between class discussion and presentation. Great job, Augustine Institute!!!!!"
- Mary, Blessed John the XXIII Parish

"I like using Symbolon because the brief videos fit with our busy schedules. The lessons are already prepared and I can focus on the faith."
- Chris H, Parish Dad

"Every Sunday night we sit and discuss the readings. My kids remember and understand what they heard at Mass. "
- Jan P, Parish Mom


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