The Hidden Rebellion

The Untold Story of the French Revolution

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November 01, 2016
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This powerful docu-drama is a cinematic tour de force that presents a searing examination of the events and the ideas surrounding one of history's most chilling stories of genocide, the slaughter of the noble Catholics of the Vendee region of France during the French Revolution. Combining insightful documentary with richly dramatic re-enactments of battle scenes, heroic resistance, and courageous faith, the film interviews many historians and experts on the French Revolution who give an eye-opening picture of this first progressive genocide in the name of social justice.

A very timely and important film, and a stirring warning to the world in this age of increasing vicious attacks on the Catholic faith and family. It reveals to us the deeply moving story of those many "hidden martyrs" - simple, faithful people who gave up the world for heaven.

Includes many extras and added special features.

Editorial Reviews

"While most people know about the French Revolution of 1789, the noble rebellion of the Vendee people against this revolution is mostly unknown, often times purposely ignored by historians. This great film produced by Daniel Rabourdin corrects this grave omission."
— Dr. Alice von Hildebrand

p>The Hidden Rebellion is a must-see documentary on the little known first genocide of modern Europe. A progressive, atheistic government has no moral brakes on its totalitarian insistence on the complete conformity of its citizens, as the French revolutionary Republic demonstrated. Through this film, contemporary citizens can learn from this past tragedy in order to prevent its repetition in the 21st century."— Father Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Host, EWTN Live

p>"Daniel Rabourdin's film, The Hidden Rebellion, is an eye-opening portrait of the first progressive genocide in the name of social justice."
David Horowitz, The Freedom Center

"The spirit of secularism has its origins in the French Revolution, which sought systematically to eliminate the influence of the Christian faith from society. The Hidden Rebellion depicts the heroic struggle of the Catholics of the Vendée to defend their practice of the Catholic faith against the godless revolutionary government. The film holds many important lessons today, when Christians face persecution from a thoroughly secularized society. May the heroism of the martyrs of the Vendée inspire us to face the challenges of our time with courage and hope in Christ." — Cardinal Raymond Burke, Patron of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta

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