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Why Believe? is an exciting new apologetics series from the Augustine Institute. Designed to be used either as part of a high-school-level apologetics course or a college or adult-faith level program or read independently, the Why Believe? books confront the false claim that our secular culture provides fully for human happiness. These books show that faith in Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Son of God, is the only adequate answer to the human heart’s desire for happiness. 

The volumes can be used together or independently.

Volume 1 answers the question, “Why should I believe what the Church teaches?” Written by an outstanding ensemble of notable authors and bestselling scholars—Michael Augros. Michael Barber, Christopher Blum, Tim Gray, Daniel McInerny, and John Sehorn—the first volume explores issues such as how we arrive at truth, what to make of science and faith, why we should think the soul exists and is immortal, how relativism is self-defeating, why materialist explanations of human life fail, the rational case for the divinity of Christ, the Eucharist, and the Catholic Church; and the role of the Creed.

Volume 2 answers the question, “Will believing what the Church teaches make me happy?” Masterful authors and experts Gwendolin Adams, Christopher Blum, Tim Gray, Daniel McInerny, Randall Smith, and Edward Sri address the interior dimension of human life, the issues of sin, mercy, and forgiveness; the proper relationship of emotions and reason, the rightful and good purpose of human sexuality, and the essential and beneficial role of the family in human life; the place of virtue in the pursuit of happiness; the fundamental role of love of God and love of neighbor in life and their place in helping us live well when faced with suffering, and how a truly happy life is founded on a mature commitment to Jesus Christ as teacher and Lord, in prayer, good works, and evangelization.

Beautifully illustrated with full-color photography and classical art.



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