Affiliate Programs

Anyone can raise money or earn income by participating in the Ignatius Press Affiliate Program!

If you have a website, you can begin selling Catholic books, videos, music, art, and magazines almost immediately, allowing you to reach thousands of people who are buying Catholic products online. We have teamed up with Commission Junction to introduce and administer our affiliate program. The Ignatius Press Affiliate Program allows you to earn income by placing our banners and links on your website. When a visitor clicks on one of our links on your site, you can earn a 10% commission on everything purchased by the visitor during that visit. There is no limit to how much you can earn. You have the opportunity to provide access to great Catholic books, videos, music, art, and magazines through your site, without having to stock the inventory or handle the shipping.

Ignatius Press is committed to orthodox Catholic items at fair prices. We are also committed to superior customer service. Your visitors will receive the same level of customer service as the person who accesses our secure server site directly.

How to have a better site

Placing and promoting quality products on your site gives it credibility and keeps your customers coming back! Through our relationship with Commission Junction, we provide you with the simplest and most advanced tools on the Internet to earn your commission. We offer links to thousands of books, music, magazines, art, and other product items. There is no easier way to add instant profitability to your site. Ignatius Press has been selling books and other items to the Catholic marketplace for over 40 years. Your customers want to buy from a name they recognize and trust.  When you link to Ignatius Press, you gain the advantage of our name recognition to promote your site and multiply your earnings.

It's as easy as one click

There is no cost whatsoever for you to participate. The tools and the links we provide through Commission Junction make it easy to add our links to your site. Start selling today and we will process the order, ship the product, and handle all billing and customer service. It's that easy. As an approved associate, you'll place links to on your website. When visitors to your site click on these links, they'll enter the Ignatius Press site, where they can purchase any of our Catholic products.

When you point your visitors to items that interest them, you get paid for the "effort." For example, if you have an article on your site about the saints, you can point your visitor to our site to purchase a book related to all saints or a particular saint. This is an easy and convenient way of building a service that your customers will appreciate.

Commission Junction tracks your sales

You can trust that your sales totals are being tracked accurately, and that your commissions will be paid when you expect them to be paid. The program is administered and monitored by Commission JunctionTheir state-of-the-art tracking system gives you 24-hour access to your sales results in real time. Once you're registered as an Affiliate, we will provide you with HTML code to place in your website that will display links to The links will contain a unique account code to ensure that you get credit for sales that are generated by your site. When a visitor clicks a link and makes a purchase at Ignatius Press, Commission Junction tracks your code and calculates your commission. The more visitors you direct to our site, the more you can earn. You will receive a monthly commission check each time you earn more than $25. This includes combined earnings from Ignatius Press as well as from any other Commission Junction merchants of which you are an affiliate. It takes just minutes to set up an Ignatius Press Affiliate account through Commission Junction.

What to do?

  1. Review the Ignatius Press Operating Agreement.
  2. Complete the Ignatius Press Online Application on the Commission Junction site.
  3. In the "Get Links" section of the Commission Junction site, choose the banners or text links that you want to appear on your site, and copy the HTML code. The code is customized for your account number.
  4. Paste the customized HTML code on the pages of your site where you want the Ignatius Press links to appear.


Being an affiliate of Ignatius Press is a way for you and Ignatius Press to work together in a way that extends the reach of our service (and yours) to the Church. It can also become a substantial source of income for your organization fundraising efforts. Ignatius Press views our Affiliates as partners, and we want to help you succeed. This section offers tips on how you can maximize the opportunities available with the Affiliate Program. Choose the tips that are most appropriate for your website.

  • Feature our links prominently. Make it easy for people to find them. Include the links on the main page of your site as well as on sub-pages.
  • Support the links with descriptive text and recommendations. A banner alone is only somewhat effective. Visitors are more likely to buy an item if you recommend it or explain why the item is of interest.
  • Feature items that match your visitors' interests. Recommend items that directly relate to the topics you address on your site.
  • Take advantage of featured items and seasonal specials. Visit Ignatius Press regularly to see which clearance items, holiday specials, or other promotional items are being featured, and tie in your own promotions accordingly.
  • Include cover images with products you mention. Make a stronger, more interesting presentation by including an image of a specific product.

How to Join

There is no cost to you and it takes less than a minute. Simply visit Commission Junction to complete the online application. Start earning money today as an Affiliate!