Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Before deciding where to send your work for consideration, please note that Ignatius Press:

1. Is highly selective regarding the fiction and books for children it publishes;
2. Rarely publishes poetry and prayer books;
3. Does not publish dissertations, theses, or small pamphlets.

For your manuscript to be considered for publication, we require both a hard copy sent to our editorial office and an electronic Microsoft Word file sent as an email attachment.

The hard copy should be mailed to us at:

1348 10th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122

The electronic Microsoft Word file should be sent to us at:

Your manuscript should be ready for publication.

Your submission should begin with a cover letter which includes your complete contact information, most importantly your email address. Next, include a copy of your CV (curriculum vitae). Lastly, enclose a copy of your complete manuscript. It should be loose (un-bound) letter-sized pages of plain white paper. Page numbers must be included on every page, as well as a table of contents after the title page. Manuscripts should be typewritten and completed at book length (100 pages minimum of 12-point font), double-spaced, carefully proofread, and free from any special formatting.

Please do not send proposals or incomplete works.

Due to the high volume of unsolicited manuscripts we receive, the review process typically takes 3-4 months. You will be notified via email when a decision is made, regardless of the outcome, so do not write or call to check the status of your submission.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, it will be copy-edited according to our house style (a modification of that in The Chicago Manual of Style – 16th Edition).

Manuscripts that are not accepted for publication will not be returned.

We appreciate your attention to our guidelines.