Christ in Eclipse

A Clinical Study of the Good Christian



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January 30, 2020
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Too many of the people sitting in the pews of today's churches have been unchanged by their relationship with Christ, says the urbane, astute, and provocative Frank Sheed. The same goes for Church leaders, he asserts. Yet neither clergy nor laity are blind to, or silent about, the others' weaknesses.

Sheed charges that both share a common failure to consider Christ as they propose both radical change and a return to old ways in order to correct the problems they see. Says Sheed, "I have fallen into a way of reminding the objectors that . . . an administration is necessary if the Church is to function, but Christ is the whole point of that functioning."

From the perspective of a half-century preaching career, which began on a corner soapbox in London, Sheed observes that "people, more than ever, don't find God interesting", and he sets out to demonstrate in this book that God's transformative power in Christ is the most interesting reality of all.

Editorial Reviews

"Frank Sheed is the Catholic C.S. Lewis. He simply cannot write a bad or boring book. No other modern writer gives us the Jesus of the Gospels with as much simple, direct, clear, logical common sense as Sheed does."— Peter Kreeft, Professor of Philosophy, Boston College; Author, Symbol or Substance?

"One might wish that Frank Sheed were alive to address the challenges that now rattle Christian culture. But the liveliness of this book makes him very contemporary."— Fr. George Rutler, Author, Calm in Chaos: Catholic Wisdom for Anxious Times

" In the midst of a world that is pummeled by the violent storm of relativism, this book is a steady compass that Christians can use to navigate the turbulent seas of change and reach the lucid waters of heaven"—Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Author, Behold the Man: A Catholic Vision of Male Spirituality

"In this fine work, Frank Sheed will not allow us to deflect our attention from the great appeal of Christ himself and from our lifelong task of persevering faith and love. His book is a wonderful antidote to the danger of forgetting the mysterious presence of Jeesus Christ at the center of everything" Father Donald Haggerty, Author, The Contemplative Hunger

A vigorous hurrah for good old-fashioned Christology. Sheed writes clearly and feelingly. He has a flexible, deeply cultured mind, and any committed believer could profit from reading him." Kirkus Reviews

Sheed, a Christian apologist extraordinaire, isolates a condition of the absence of Christ in the lives of committed Christians. Exploring Christ's public life from Cana to Calvary as we know them from the Gospels, he finds a clearcut guide to moral health. A recommended perscription full of refreshing common sense and equanimity." Publishers Weekly


(No reviews yet) Write a Review