The Christian Life

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During his lifetime, Abbot Vonier's greatest fame was as a speaker and homilist. Of all his writings, this collection may bring us closest to the lively spirit of his sermons. Vigorous and thought-provoking, the themes here are so simple that any layperson might profit from them, yet so profound as to touch the very depths of Catholic doctrine.  

Whether discussing discipleship or prayer, temptation or repentance, Christianus: The Christian Life constantly surprises with fresh insights, and shows that even familiar Catholic doctrines possess truths capable of endless depth and unfolding.

Full of light and life, this rich and deeply satisfying collection of essays is a perfect introduction for those new to Vonier's work, and a must-read for his admirers.

 "Abbot Vonier has a serious right to be considered one of the great Catholic theologians of the twentieth century."
-Fr. John Saward, author The Beauty of Holiness
"Those seeking spiritual wisdom will find it here. Vonier was a master, and his work is as inspiring and fresh as ever."
-Matthew Levering, author Christ and the Catholic Priesthood

"The Vonier revival is a highly encouraging sign of the return of classical doctrine in the Church."
-Aidan Nichols, author Lovely Like Jerusalem

"An inspired ability to explain the deepest theological truths with relative simplicity."
-Fr. Mark Withoos


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