He Spoke to Us (Digital)

Discerning God in People and Events

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December 21, 2015
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These sparkling essays on a variety of interesting subjects are written with insight and wit by an author widely recognized as one of the finest masters of English prose in the Catholic Church today. Fr. George Rutler touches upon philosophy, theology, history, biography, art, travel, politics, and more as he shows Christ making himself known to us in the events of daily life.

A parish priest in New York City, Fr. Rutler has seen, and been edified by, the comings and goings of countless souls. He shows that they, and indeed all of us, are like the men on the road to Emmaus—common pedestrians walking, often unknowingly, with Christ, who explains the meaning of things and sets their hearts aflame.

Editorial Reviews

"At a time when so much Catholic commentary seems confusing and even contradictory, Fr. Rutler offers clarity, hope, and purpose."
— Laura Ingraham, Radio Host, The Laura Ingraham Show

p>"Fr. Rutler uses his unique literary and spiritual gifts to illuminate the varied ways we can see the presence of God in history, in those we encounter daily, and in ordinary events of our lives. Let Fr. Rutler help you 'find God in all things'".
— Raymond Arroyo, EWTN Host, The World Over

p>"Father Rutler's book is not just charming and informative, but a delight. He knows and remembers so many things that each chapter is a new experience of something in history, theology, literature, or just common sense."
— Fr. James Schall, S.J., Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University

"Father Rutler is a man of parts: graduate of Dartmouth, Oxford, and Rome's Angelicum ; linguist, painter, violinist, and boxer; preacher extraordinaire. One of Catholicism's most successful pastors, he has been a magnet attracting converts and vocations for decades. Fr. Rutler is also that contemporary clerical rarity—an accomplished man of letters who writes as gracefully as he speaks."
— George Weigel, Author, Evangelical Catholicism

p>"There is no other writer in the world like Fr. George Rutler. If you want to know about King Charles II, the saints and demons, World War II, or even those odd fellows named Madison and Jefferson, go not to Harvard but to Father Rutler, and he will bring them to life for you. It is the same with poetry, music, philosophy, theology, language, and the study of Scripture; Father Rutler is more poetical than the modern philosopher, more philosophical than the modern poet, and more filled with good old mirth and mirthful solemnity than the entire faculty of Harvard. That is because his joy is to know Jesus Christ, and He suffices for all."
— Anthony Esolen, Translator, Dante's Inferno


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