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Religious Goods
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10 x 7.94 (in)
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November 15, 2021
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Art historians know little of this Northern European painter, but he uses dazzling color to mesmerizing effect in his Presentation at the Temple. Mary's mantle glows in lapis lazuli blue, the rarest of hues imported from Afghanistan. The blue of St Joseph's robe is more muted, while Simeon's tunic seems tinged with brown. But for all the delight for the eyes, this moment of joy is but a prelude to extended suffering. Jesus, sitting up in the arms of his mother, is situated on a direct diagonal with the infant being stabbed by one of Herod's soldiers. St Joseph, seemingly relegated to the outskirts of the scene, was intentionally placed below the brutal attack, a reminder that he will soon have to flee with his family from the murderous rage of Herod.

Puzzle size: 19 inches x 27 inches

Each puzzle box contains high-quality pieces and elevated packaging, including a beautiful sacred art poster and insert explaining the meaning and significance of these timeless works of art.


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