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What Every Catholic Should Know



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Series Summary

The new What Every Catholic Should Know series is intended for the average faithful Catholic who wants to know more about Catholic faith and culture. The authors in this series take a panoramic approach to the topic of each book aimed at a non-specialist but enthusiastic readership. Forthcoming titles planned for this series include: literature, salvation, mercy, history, art, music and philosophy.

Book Summary

The Bible is a book that millions have read, studied, and are familiar with—making it our earthly roadmap to heaven. And yet many find that opening and reading the numerous books and various genres is a hurdle too daunting to attempt. As part of the What Every Catholic Should Know series, The Bible brings a helpful introduction to the sacred text, focusing on the transformative nature of God’s Word. From the Bible's layout to a  walkthrough of the divine history, The Bible reveals the mystical gift of God's written love letter to us. Whether you are opening a Bible for the first time—or are an avid reader—the guidance from numerous esteemed Catholic writers and theologians allows for a more thorough understanding of God’s Word.

Topics include the following:

  • God's Purpose for Scripture
  • The Human and Divine Origins of the Bible
  • Salvation History in Scripture
  • A Geographical Landscape of the Bible


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