The Seven Ages of Man (Digital)

Meditations on the Last Words of Christ

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July 07, 2014
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Father George Rutler provides us with inspiring spiritual meditations on the last words of Christ from the Cross modeled on the seven ages of man (Infancy to old age) found in Shakespeare's famous soliloquy in As You Like It. Integrating intellectual and spiritual realities, these meditations are timely and social and cultural observations that portray the theological and spiritual significance of the greatest drama of history, the Passion of Christ.

Editorial Reviews

"Father Rutler gives us extended meditations on the last words of the Savior from the Cross and brings to his considerations that type of deep insight that is formed by acute personal reflection on the Sacred Scriptures as well as on the natural mysteries of life. Each of the chapters contains much spiritual nourishment, all of it served in the refined prose we have come to expect from Father's Rutler's works."
— Cardinal John J. O'Connor, Archbishop Emeritus of New York

"If the 'Three Hours' have largely disappeared from our churches on Good Friday, they can best be regained, I think, by these words of Fr. George Rutler. We cannot help but be moved and instructed when the ages of man, the Seven Last Words of the Lord are presented to us in so moving a way."
— Fr. James V. Schall, SJ., Professor Emeritus, Georgetown University


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