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UPDATE: Due to an unforeseen delay, we do not expect the new YOUCAT Confession book to be in print before the beginning of the Fall School Year at this time, so we have temporarily suspended online sales to avoid confusion.

YOUCAT Confession is a practical guide to help take away undue anxiety about the Sacrament, and to explain clearly how it works. It resulted from a collaboration between young people and clergy through a popular program of prayer, Eucharistic adoration, and Confession at World Youth Day in Cologne.

This book in the best-selling YOUCAT series underscores the importance of a good formation of our conscience, especially in knowing and living by the Ten Commandments, and by the great double commandment of love that Jesus emphasized: You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, your soul, and your mind. You shall love your neighbor as yourself.

Confession, or the Sacrament of Reconciliation, is the gift of the Risen Lord to his disciples. When Jesus appeared to his disciples on Easter, he gave them the Holy Spirit and said, "Whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven". It is one of the Seven Sacraments given by Christ to the Catholic Church.

YOUCAT Confession answers many questions that young people have about this Sacrament, including:
How did it originate
How does it work
What sins should I confess
What is the seal of Confession
How often should I go to Confession
How do I form a good conscience
How to overcome the fear of confessing my sins
The difference between mortal and venial sin

YOUCAT Confession also includes a list of "Special Prayers for Confession". And like other books in the YOCAT series, it includes many wonderful illustrations, fun graphics, and color photos.


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