A Call to Faith in a Broken World



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Sally Read converted from atheism to Catholicism when her daughter, Flo, was only four years old, but it did not take long for the child to become aware that many friends and relatives did not share her mother's newfound faith. This consciousness of "two worlds" led to a great many doubts in Flo, and some rebellion. Two nights before her First Communion she suddenly questioned whether she should receive the Eucharist.

Sensing the precarious nature of faith in an overwhelmingly secular world, Read began writing down the compelling reasons for holding on to both God and Church. Taking the Annunciation as her template, she explored common experiences of the spiritual life as she meditated on each part of the story recorded in the Gospel of Luke.

Drawing on Scripture, the saints, and the lives of people she has known personally or professionally as a nurse, Read shows how God is with us always—even in suffering, spiritual dryness, and depression. Although inspired by a mother's loving response to a daughter, this book will speak to any believer engaged in the bliss and the bewilderment of a relationship with God.

Editorial Reviews

"Sally Read shows us that the Annunciation is not only a once-for-all-time event but also an ongoing event in the life of every believer."
— Jennifer Fulwiler, Radio Host; Author, Something other than God

"Conveyed with the tender compassion of a mother for her child and the honesty of a spiritual seeker, this memoir will help you nurture and sustain your own yes to God."
— Lisa Hendey, Author, The Grace of Yes; Founder,

"If you ever wished for your own personal Road to Emmaus experience, this is the book for you. I felt as though Sally and I were sitting together in a charming Italian bistro while she was nonchalantly explaining all the complicated truths of our Catholic faith in a simple, conversational manner."
— Kendra Tierney, Author, The Catholic All Year Compendium

"Sally Read discovers, in Mary's experience, the pattern of all believers in miniature. She beautifully weaves into one fabric our doubts, fears, raptures, and vocations with those of Mary, the first of us to receive within herself the Word of God."
— Al Kresta, President, Ave Maria Radio; Host, Kresta in the Afternoon

"A budding mystic in her own right, Sally Read, with flawless honesty, openly shares what began as a poignant letter to her daughter. Each chapter is filled with wisdom regarding life's most important questions."
— Barbara McGuigan, EWTN Radio Host, The Good Fight

"When so many Catholics are not only wondering about their faith, but walking away from it completely, this book could be a transformative tool that guides them back to the arms of the Blessed Mother and the Catholic Church."
— Teresa Tomeo, Radio Host; Author, Extreme Makeover: Women Transformed by Christ

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