Brother Francis - Ep. 18: Kingdom God's Reign

God's Reign on Earth as it is in Heaven

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April 01, 2020
95 minutes
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Join Brother Francis as he whisks viewers away on an adventurous learning experience! Learn about God’s Kingdom in the here and now, and what our role in it is as His children, knights and ambassadors!

This episode includes :

  • The Knights and the Dragon: What happens when a kingdom is suddenly attacked by a fire-breathing dragon? How do the knights save it?
  • The Good and Bad Seeds: An entertaining depiction of Jesus’ parable as told in the Gospels.
  • The King of Kings: Learn some titles of Jesus that reflect His Lordship in this catchy, animated tune.
  • We are the Knights of the Royal Household: Join the triumphant throng of dedicated followers of King Jesus as we march together to bring God’s light to the world in this joyous visualized song!

This DVD is in English with Spanish subtitles

Geared to children ages 3-8


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