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This set includes the following titles:

Mary: Queen of Heaven • BFMQHM
Lent • BFLEM
Jesus is Coming • BFJCM
The Days of Advent • BFDAM
The Ten Commandments • BFTCM
The Saints Our Heavenly Friends • BFSM
You Are Special • BFYSM
Confirmation • BFCOM
O Holy Night • BFFCM
Forgiven! Confession • BFFM
The Rosary • BFRM
The Bread of Life The Eucharist • BFBLM
Let’s Pray! A Lesson on Prayer • BFLPM
Born into the Kingdom Baptism • BFBKM
A Life-Giving Prayer The Mass • BFMAM
He is Risen The Resurrection • BFHRM
Joy Tunes Collection #1 • BFJTM
The Sacraments • BFSACM
Following in His Footsteps • BFFHFM
The Stations of the Cross • BFSCM
The Kingdom • BFKM
The Story of Mary BFSOMM


(No reviews yet) Write a Review