Chronicles of Transformation (Digital)

A Spiritual Journey with C. S. Lewis

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In a world grown cold without wonder, how do we reimagine the drama and joy of Christianity? For C. S. Lewis, the answer was to invite us into a different world that would help us see this one with fresh eyes. That world was Narnia, and when Lewis wrote that world into existence in his Chronicles, he created a land where courage would be tested and character forged; he created the possibility for a moral and spiritual journey.

The spiritual benefit of these stories is not intended for children alone. The benefit redounds to all who are child-like, as well as those who will allow themselves to become so again. This includes adults who have become weighed down by life, and those who have become too intellectually "puffed up" or too spiritually sophisticated to easily immerse themselves in chronicles like these.

Narnia is a world with a history and especially a redeemer that allows the child-like to better imagine this world and this life as a world and a life that matter because our world and our lives do in fact have a Redeemer, who is even now working in and among us. This volume leads readers to take the world of Narnia seriously in the best of all possible ways––that is, by enjoying Lewis's chronicles and contemplating what is found therein. As the collaborative work of scholars and artists, this volume benefits all readers by leading them to wonder, understanding, and joy.

A truly one-of-a-kind work, it features an essay for each of the seven chronicles plus an introductory essay about how to approach reading the chronicles, alongside original illustrations for each chronicle and an original poem cycle. This book speaks directly to readers interested in finding spiritual sustenance, inspiration, and joy.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review