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Conscience of the Kingdom



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March 01, 2018
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Shunning comforts and risking their lives, the great prophets Elijah and Elisha stood fearlessly against pagan priests and kings who opposed the God of Israel.

The Israelites fell into gross idolatry with sensuous fertility cults. With fiery words and powerful miracles the prophets were the voice of God. Join the adventure as Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher takes you on an exciting journey in this new film in the Footprints of God series through Jordan, Israel, Sinai and Egypt. You'll witness God's power demonstrated through Elijah and Elisha, the conscience of the kingdom, as they confront the powers arrayed against them, preparing the way for Christ. Join this sweeping saga, all in a fast-paced, entertaining biography, travel documentary, Bible study, apologetics course and Church history study rolled into one remarkable adventure!

Comprehensive study guide included. Plus Bonus Feature "Behind the Scenes: Making of Elijah & Elisha".

This DVD contains the following languages: English with English/Spanish subtitles.

Chapter 1: Of Gods & Men
Chapter 2: Elijah & the Dueling Deities
Chapter 3: Elisha and the Double Portion
Chapter 4: He has Spoken through the Prophets

Editorial Reviews

"Once again Steve Ray has done it! Using his talents as a gifted apologist, modern day evangelist and a powerful storyteller he'll take you on a fascinating journey to the land of the prophets where you’ll find yourself swept up in a unforgettable biblical adventure.  If you want an entertaining look at an important chapter in salvation history The Footprints of God – The Story of Salvation from Abraham to Augustine is a must watch!"
Drew Mariani, Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, author and journalist

"Steve Ray has done it again! Let him be your guide as he takes you to key sites in the Holy Land as you discover the fascinating lives of the prophets Elijah and Elisha. With his infectious enthusiasm, dynamic delivery, and characteristic wit, Steve Ray provides an outstanding overview of two of the most important and mysterious figures in the Bible."
Jimmy Akin, Catholic Apologist; Author, The Fathers Know Best 

"This newest film from Steve Ray is phenomenal! In the Staples household, not only did mom and dad love it, but the kids were riveted! And they are a tough crowd to please! This video is a must-watch for every Catholic family!"
Tim Staples, Director of Apologetics, Catholic Answers

"We love the Footprints of God series! As homeschooling parents we are always looking for new and innovative ways to teach our children the truths of our Faith. When it comes to history and the lives of some of the most important saints in history the Footprints of God series is hard to beat. This film on Elijah and Elisha taught our family so much about these two great men and inspired us to re-read the sacred texts of Scripture about their lives so that we can remember their stories and share them with others. We're sure it will do the same for you and your family. Enjoy the show!"
Tim & Valerie Staples, Director of Apologetics, Catholic Answers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review