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A Bible Study Guide and Commentary

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Everything in the Bible—and in the Catholic Church—starts with the Book of Genesis. The Greek word genesis means “beginning”, and this inspired text reveals to us not only our origins, but our purpose, our meaning, and God’s plan for mankind. 

Yet Genesis can be daunting, especially given the scientific discoveries of the last few centuries. Stephen K. Ray, author of Crossing the Tiber, breaks down this sacred and profoundly influential book, wrestling with the complex intersection of history and theology. Thoroughly Catholic in his approach, Ray is unafraid to draw from sources of all kinds: from Jewish and Protestant commentaries, from archaeology, from geography, and even from modern literature. 

This work uncovers the excitement and drama of this ancient narrative, so often ignored or misunderstood. In Ray’s reading, the Book of Genesis is a shout of joy: “We can know where we came from! We can know who we are! We can know our destiny! And we are not alone in the universe!”

Editorial Reviews

“An extremely readable yet well-informed explanation of Genesis, moving easily between modern thought and the ancient world, contemporary science, and the Church’s tradition. The Church has long needed a book just like this!”
—John Bergsma, Co-author, A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament

“Steve Ray brings Genesis to life, unpacking this fascinating book with the passion, zeal, and unique insights he’s known for. He explains the literal sense of each passage and, more importantly, shows how Genesis foreshadows in hidden ways the fullness of God’s plan in Christ.”
—Dr. Mary Healy, Professor of Scripture, Sacred Heart Major Seminary

“If there is one word that characterizes Steve Ray, it is adventure. In this commentary on Genesis, Steve embarks on the adventure of the first book of the Bible, creatively drawing together ideas from a vast array of sources: biblical commentaries, papal teaching, Church Fathers, science, and even science fiction! Join him on his quest.”
—Jimmy Akin, Host, Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World podcast; Author, The Bible Is a Catholic Book

“An outstanding commentary. Steve Ray relies on solid scholarship but never gets lost in academic debate. He aims to make the text alive to all readers. May this book contribute to a renaissance of expository Bible reading, writing, and preaching.”
—Al Kresta, President, Ave Maria Radio; Host, Kresta in the Afternoon

“Priceless! Ray has done a truly remarkable job of making Genesis understandable for anyone, whether seasoned scholar or novice to the faith. There is simply no commentary on Genesis that matches the comprehensive nature of this work while remaining faithful to a truly Catholic sense of biblical scholarship.”
—Tim Staples, Senior Apologist, Catholic Answers


(No reviews yet) Write a Review