I Burned for Your Peace (Digital)

Augustine's Confessions Unpacked

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June 17, 2016
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Popular author and philosopher Peter Kreeft delves into one of the most beloved Christian classics of all time--Augustine's Confessions. He collects key passages and offers incisive commentary, making Confessions accessible to any reader who is both intellectually curious and spiritually hungry.

The Confessions is a dramatic personal narrative of a soul choosing between eternal life and death, an exploration of the timeless questions great minds have been asking for millennia, and a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God. I Burned for Your Peace is not a scholarly work but an unpacking of the riches found in Augustine's text. It is existential, personal, and devotional, as well as warm, witty, and thought-provoking. With Kreeft to guide them, readers of the Confessions can overhear and understand the intimate conversation between a towering intellect and the God whose peace he at last humbly accepts.

Editorial Reviews

"Two teachers we all know and trust enter into a dialogue to bring forth a Confessions for our day."
 — Fr. David Meconi, S.J., Editor, The Confessions of St. Augustine

p>"Kreeft is always brilliant, and in this book he is even more astonishing than ever. If I were allowed only one book on the Confessions, this would be it."
— Joseph Pearce, Author, Catholic Literary Giants

p>"Whether you have read the Confessions many times or are new to its pleasures, Kreeft's lucid commentary has the effect of bright lights shining onto a great forest by which you can see not only the scope, but the trees, the bark, and the leaves."
— Patrick Coffin, Host, Catholic Answers Live

"For those intimidated by Augustine's prose, Kreeft illuminates it with pithy distinctions and images drawn from our own times. This book is further evidence in favor of Kreeft's insistence that the greatest thinkers--far too often imprisoned by the very scholars who study them--in fact belong to us all."
— Matthew Levering, Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

p>"Kreeft illustrates the truth of Augustine's comment that God is more intimate to us than we are even to ourselves. Only when we realize that we are loved into being by the Triune God, will we experience the profound peace that sustains the pilgrimage to eternal life."
— Fr. Matthew Lamb, Professor of Theology, Ave Maria University

p>"A marvelous meditation on the heart, mind, and life of this great saint, who is himself a window on the heart, mind, and life of God."
— Michael Augros, Ph.D., Author, Who Designed the Designer?


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