If You Can Get It (Digital)

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Jen Nilsson has an MBA, a nice condo, and a fast-track job at a tech start-up in Silicon Valley. If her big product launch goes well next month, she may finally land the marketing director job she's been gunning for.  But then her younger sister, Katie, just out of college and estranged from their newly devout parents, blows through the front door, dumping cardboard boxes and a lifetime of personal drama onto Jen's just-swept floor. 

Family is family, and Jen lets her sister, the embodiment of all that annoys her, move in. Maybe she'll turn aimless Katie into a model adult. But when Jen's own well-laid career plans hurtle off the tracks—a corporate buyout, a layoff, and a disastrous business trip to China—she turns more and more to Katie for support and begins to reassess the place of family, and love, in her life.

If You Can Get It explores the quirks and the humanity of the twenty-first-century business world but finds its heart in the deepening relationship of two sisters as different as Elinor and Marianne of Sense and Sensibility.

Editorial Reviews

"This sharply observed novel shows our contemporary world as it is—shot through with moments of grace."
— Leah Libresco, Author, Building the Benedict Option

"Scathing comedy, acute human insight, and a heartfelt exploration of sisterhood."
— Rosamund Hodge, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Crimson Bound

"At turns hilarious, heart-breaking, and subtly charming, If You Can Get It runs the full gamut of human emotion. More than anything, I want to write Jen a letter asking her to be my new best friend."
— Fr. J. Augustine Wetta, O.S.B., Author, Humility Rules and The Eighth Arrow

"A lively novel that casts a satirical eye on the pressing questions of modern life. Readers from a wide variety of backgrounds will recognize themselves in these characters and take great comfort in the lessons they learn through them."
— Jennifer Fulwiler, Author, Something other than God

"An insightful exploration of the shallow, empty culture of consumerism and a reminder that there is more to life than a condo and a fast car. The author has produced a modern parable in which the faith offers a beacon of hope in a lonely, confused world."
— Fiorella De Maria, Author, The Sleeping Witness and See No Evil


(No reviews yet) Write a Review