In the Midst of Chaos, Peace



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September 16, 1999
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Sister Wendy Beckett, Dan Paulos, Sister Mary Jean Dorcy

In response to Pope John Paul's recent letter to artists to promote the Catholic faith through "artistic evangelization", three well-known names in the field of sacred art have collaborated to produce this beautiful art book filled with visual and spiritual meditations. Sister Wendy Beckett, famed BBC and PBS art critic, presents her always unique meditations for each of the 54 wonderful silhouettes by the two foremost Catholic paper-cutting artists, Dan Paulos and the late Sister Mary Jean Dorcy. The result is what Sister Wendy calls "an epiphany", a book that reveals the God of mercy, love and peace through deeply inspired art and reflections. A perfect Christmas gift!

Thus, this book and its title, In the Midst of Chaos, Peace, perfectly sum up the three collaborator's intent: to offer people in our modern, fast-paced and hectic world, spiritual and artistic meditations that take only a minute to ponder but can produce profound and lasting peace of soul.

Editorial Reviews

"A collection of visual and literary art that come together as a melody and lyric to make divine music and song. It takes the reader beyond all image or word to Christ who is the Image and Word of God." 
—John Michael Talbot, Catholic composer

p>"A work that pleasures the eye, warms the heart and elevates the soul. This book is a successful blend of three talents that will never fail to delight and inspire."
—Joan Carroll Cruz, Catholic author

p>"The silhouette has always held an enigmatic place in the history of art. This collection of the papercuts beautifully displays that mystery, and Sister Wendy Beckett's unique commentary adds the necessary strength of the Gospel."
—William Hart McNichols, S.J., Catholic iconographer

"'Chaos' exists only in the title of this book. It is childlike in its simplicity and deeply devout. Peace." 
—Virginia Broderick, Catholic artist

p>"Dan Paulos creates silhouettes of peace. Discreetly, they whisper a message of pure giving, secret gardens of joy, and radiant blessings. Indeed, where art becomes an exercise in prayer, only there is truly sacred art. The humble papercutting artist of Albuquerque and friend of the late Sr. M. Jean Dorcy, gives beauty and old-new name, that of selflessness, source of peace."
—Rev. Johann G. Roten, S.M., Director, International Marian Research Institute


(No reviews yet) Write a Review