Finding Your Purpose in Life

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October 23, 1997
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LifeWork is a unique approach to discovering the presence of God in all that we do. A special emphasis is placed on the unique, personal vocation and mission to which we are called. Written in a user-friendly style, LifeWork is particularly relevant for high school, college and young adult age groups, yet has application for all believers wanting to seek God's will and purpose.

Using a step-by-step approach, the reader walks through a spiritual journey beginning with the universal call in Baptism to be holy. This is followed by discovery of vocation and a particular state of life, then a section on mission and purpose in fulfilling God's plan. There is a special section on careers.

The reader will develop an awareness of his individual talents, gifts, abilities, occupational preferences, and educational options. These areas become integrated with the ever-present call from God to a wonderful plan, unique for every believer. For the first time, vocation, mission, and lifework choices (including career) are offered in one book. Illustrated.

"A wonderful book for fostering vocations among youth and adults alike. Dr. Sarkisian brilliantly instructs his readers, and gives them the tools for discernment of their own vocation."
ùFr. Rodolfo D'Agostino, Editor, Vocations and Prayer

Rick Sarkisian, Ph.D., is founder and president of Valley Rehabilitation Services, Inc., specializing in vocational and career guidance.


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