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The Rosary in the Holy Land



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January 10, 2023
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The most Catholic of all prayers is the rosary. When you pray its 20 mysteries, the beauty of God’s Incarnation in Jesus is contemplated anew. This special series takes you on a unique pilgrimage through the Holy Land, exploring all of the rosary’s mysteries, and learning the important message behind each one. 5 discs / 10 hours (CC)

Joyful Mysteries

  • The Heart Chamber of the Faith
  • A Dance in the Womb
  • The Birth of God in Bethlehem
  • Behind Bricked-up Gates
  • In the House of the Father
Luminous Mysteries
  • The Entry into the Promised Land
  • The Musical Clef of Christianity
  • The Eye of Galilee
  • Light Over the Shadow of the Last Days
  • On the Mountain of God
Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Ruby in the Moonlight
  • Murderous Hesitation
  • A Throne for the King of the Universe
  • The Way of the King
  • The Summit of Golgotha
Glorious Mysteries
  • The Holy Grave
  • The Floor of Heaven
  • Tongues of Fire on Mount Zion
  • A Vineyard of the Dead
  • The Gravity of Eternal Life




(No reviews yet) Write a Review