The Art of Living

The Cardinal Virtues and the Freedom to Love



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June 15, 2021
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In this new book by bestselling author, Edward Sri, we discover the close connection between growing in the virtues and growing in friendship and community with others. A consummate teacher, Dr. Sri leads us through the virtues with engaging examples and an uncanny ability to anticipate and answer our most pressing questions. Dr. Sri shows us in his inimitable, easy-to-read style, that the virtues are the basic life skills we need to give the best of ourselves to God and to the people in our lives. In short, the practice of the virtues give us the freedom to love.

Editorial Reviews

“Dr. Edward Sri has been studying, teaching, and living the contents of this book for twenty years. His clear transmission of St. Thomas’ brilliance and its application to modern life makes the virtuous life attractive and attainable. If you want to understand and live the good life, this is the book for you.”
—Suzie Andres, author of Being Catholic: What Every Catholic Should Know

“Amid the moral confusion of our age, Edward Sri’s careful exposition of the four cardinal virtues is a welcome anchor of sanity. This Art of Living will lead you to richer friendships, with men and women—and with God.”
—John Cuddeback, Professor of Philosophy, Christendom College


(No reviews yet) Write a Review