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October 01, 2023
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The award-winning Augustine Institute Radio Theatre presents The Victory of Joan of Arc, the remarkable true story of a 15th-century French peasant girl who claimed she’d been sent by God to drive the English invaders out of France and place the true king on the throne. Featuring over 50 actors, cinematic sound and original score, listeners will fully experience Joan’s relentless bravery and determination against all obstacles to change the course of history.

Episode 1: The Siege of the Peasant: The English army attacks and lays siege to the walled city of Orléans. As the people endure great suffering and death, they pray for God’s miraculous help. In another part of France, a peasant claims that God has sent her to free Orléans and restore the rightful heir to the throne of France.

Episode 2: Chinon: Jeanne arrives in Chinon to meet the Dauphin (the heir to the French throne). Though the Dauphin seems to believe in her, Jeanne must endure endless questioning and examinations before he’ll commit to her mission.

Episode 3: Building an Army: Jeanne is able to prepare for a campaign to free Orléans. However, the way forward is not without more delays and struggles with the military leaders who accompany her.

Episode 4: The Way to Orléans: Jeanne and her army finally depart for Orléans, but Jeanne is confounded by the military commanders making decisions without her. In turn, she confounds them by making decisions that defy their knowledge and experience.

Episode 5: The Battle for Orléans: The battle for Orléans begins with a remarkably easy win. But the campaign takes a formidable turn, threatening Joan's forces with a sure defeat. It becomes clear that only a miracle can restore any hope of triumph.

Episode 6: The Crown: With the city of Orléans freed, Jeanne now turns her attention to the next part of her mission: to see the Dauphin crowned in Reims. But there are many new setbacks.

Episode 7: The Quest for Paris: Jeanne's mission is fulfilled, but she is determined to claim Paris for the newly crowned king. Soon she finds herself frustrated by the political and military setbacks, and a peace treat that is nothing more than a stall for time.

Episode 8: A Holy Prisoner: Jeanne presses her military drive to capture the towns around Paris, but circumstances confound her success. As the English forces close in, Joan has to face her worst nightmare.

Episode 9: A Holy Suffering: Abandoned by her allies, imprisoned by her enemies, Jeanne now suffers abuse and endless questioning to prove that she is indeed the "French witch". She clings to hope through her Voices, but their guidance is painful and seems to be fading away.

Episode 10: A Holy Sacrifice: Jeanne must endure the greatest test of her faith as the trial comes to its conclusion, allowing the corrupt coalition of English sympathizers to render a heartbreaking judgment.

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