True Friendship (Digital)

Where Virtue Becomes Happiness

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We all want true friends. But how many of us really know what friendship is, or where to find it? In these pages, philosopher John Cuddeback weaves together the timeless wisdom of Scripture, of the ancient Greeks, and the saints to map out the steep and beautiful path to man's greatest joy—true friendship.

Following Aristotle's teachings on the unbreakable connection between happiness and virtuous living, Cuddeback sees friendship at the very center of the human drama. Although there are different kinds of friendship, the deepest kind can only be achieved through a life of virtue, and this is where the human person comes most fully alive. True Friendship offers simple yet rich advice on how to tap into this reality in our own lives. Such friendship demands much of us, but it gives us even more, as individuals and as a society.

Both the Old and New Testaments place a premium on friendship. In the Christian vision, the philosophers' insights attain a broader supernatural perspective. Christ transforms human friendship and expands it. With help from the writings of Saints Thomas and Aelred, Cuddeback discovers what lies at the heart of the Christian life—the wondrous and unsurpassable reality of friendship with God in Jesus, the Divine Friend, who is at work in all our authentic friendships.

Editorial Reviews

"Wonderfully clear and concise. This book is very wise, very practical, and very much needed."
— Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Author, Wisdom from the Psalms and Doors in the Walls of the World

"Cuddeback demonstrates that true friendship based on virtue benefits the individual, family life, and social life. Highly recommended."
— Alice von Hildebrand, Ph.D., Author, The Privilege of Being a Woman

"Reading this wonderful book will inspire and empower you to tap the incomparable treasures of friendship, both human and divine."
— Tim Gray, Ph.D., President, Augustine Institute; Editor, Bible in a Year


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