Chance or the Dance? 2nd Edition (Digital)

A Critique of Modern Secularism

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In this new edition of a modern classic, Thomas Howard contrasts the Christian and secular worldviews, refreshing our minds with the illuminated vision of reality that inspired the world in times past and showing us that we cannot live meaningful lives without it.

Howard explains in clear and beautiful prose the way materialism robs us of beauty, depth, and truth. With laser precision and lyrical ponderings he takes us through the dismal reductionist view of the world to the shimmering significance of the world as sign and sacrament. More timely now than when it was first written, this book is a prophetic examination of modern society's conscience.

Editorial Reviews

"Thomas Howard lays out the fundamental question that faces us today—whether to accept a view of the world that says we are extraordinary creatures whose lives have eternal meaning or to accept a view that says we are cosmic accidents whose lives have no meaning at all. One of the best books of the latter half of the twentieth century."
Eric Metaxas, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Bonhoeffer

"This book reveals the heart of Thomas Howard’s vision and that of Christendom for nineteen centuries until the cruel restraints of modern secularism emptied the cosmos of color, heroism, and passion. If I could have everyone read just ten books, this would be one of them!"
Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Author, I Burned for Your Peace

"Imagine looking through a lens that shows the whole world in a new and brilliant light, that allows us to trace countless patterns once unseen, connect dots once unconnected, so that a universe once seemingly shattered is now seen to be marvelously woven together. Chance or the Dance? is that lens."
— Paul Thigpen, Ph.D., Author, Manual for Spiritual Warfare 

"Here is a book to be read and reread, to be shared and discussed, so that hopefully we can be more receptive to the grace trying to lead us to the shores of the Kingdom."
Marcus Grodi, EWTN Host, The Journey Home; Author, Life from Our Land

"Some rare books really explain things, how they are. This book is one. Howard's poetic, reflective reminder of how we see the image of God in all things because each is made in the Word is a book that genuinely teaches and inspires."
Fr. James V. Schall, S.J., Author, The Order of Things


(No reviews yet) Write a Review