Christendom Lost and Found (Digital)

Meditations for a Post Post-Christian Era

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The book you are holding is a kind of a war journal, written between 2020 and 2021 during "the COVID Interruption" and the violent outbursts in cities across America. Witnessing cultural collapse in every direction, philosopher Father Robert McTeigue, S.J., offers meditations on what it will take to build Christ-centered cultures in our time—what must be retrieved and what must be renewed.

Since the French Revolution in 1789, the West, formerly called "Christendom", has chosen life without
Christ. And ever since then, the West has produced much bad art and even more dead bodies—precisely because of this rejection. Father McTeigue, host of the The Catholic Current and author of Real Philosophy for Real People, invites us to explore new paths back to Christ. With thoughtfulness and grace, we can build, not a reconstruction of some mythical "Good Old Days", but rather a new Christendom that does justice both to what our ancestors entrusted to us and to what our posterity deserves from us.

Inspired by Saint Augustine's The City of God, Christendom Lost and Found is an on-the-scene account
of a cleric and scholar facing the accelerating convulsions of the West and of the Church, offering us
insights, corrective guidance, and reasons for hope. Anyone who knows he has a debt to pay to the Christian past and the Christian future will benefit from this book.

Editorial Reviews

"Father McTeigue aims to persuade us charmingly and succeeds in doing so. He uses reason to exorcise the forked tongue of deceit, banishing the sophistry of the serpent with the wisdom of the saint. What’s more, he does so delightfully and with a great sense of humor. Seldom has a book by a philosopher been so enjoyable to read."
—Joseph Pearce, Author, Faith of Our Fathers and The Quest for Shakespeare

"Father McTeigue shows the qualities that make him an outstanding radio host: an ability to explore difficult subjects in a simple, engaging style. His meditations on 'the trauma and farce of the twenty-first century' and a fatally compromised Christendom' are very serious business, but his conversational style makes the book an enjoyable experience."
—Philip Lawler, Editor, Diogenes Unveiled: A Paul Mankowski, S.J., Collection

"In these deeply personal and precisely expressed meditations, Father McTeigue leads us along a pilgrimage of hope. Without Christ, man attains little of lasting worth—no Bach, no Dante, no Michelangelo. But Christ calls, and McTeigue repeats the call, begging us to consider how much we have lost, to recover what we have squandered or forgotten, and to be on the way once again—to Calvary, and the risen Christ."
—Anthony Esolen, Professor of Humanities, Magdalen College; Author, Sex and the Unreal City

"Wise, erudite, personal, and penetrating meditations. Listen to this most honest thinker share his heartbreak, his wise counsels of resistance and restoration, and his hope for a new ‘wiser and holier’ Christendom after this Gethsemane."
—Dr. Thaddeus Kozinski, Author, Modernity as Apocalypse: Sacred Nihilism and the Counterfeits of Logos

"Father McTeigue describes and analyses the pathologies of modernity from which, to his alarm, the Catholic Church is far from immune. The decrease in civility, the willful throwing over of academic standards, the indifference to beauty in favor of comfort, speed, and sensation, and the tyranny of the present moment are the reasons for his profound discomfort. He does not despair, however. Where there is evil, there is the possibility of the good.”
—Theodore Dalrymple, Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute; Author, Our Culture, What's Left of It


(No reviews yet) Write a Review