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Many Catholic homeschoolers already use our books to supplement home education. Our homeschooling bundles will give you a variety of materials to use when teaching from home, and offer a 25% discount off the list price of all the books included. Great deals AND great resources!

These six books introduce basic concepts about religion and the sacraments to the very young, preparing them for deeper understanding later on.

Age level: 2 and up

  • My First Catechism – 6FCH • $12.99
  • Jesus Invites Me to Mass – 6 JMMH • $7.99
  • A Missal for Toddlers  - 6MTODH  • $11.99
  • The Gospel for Little Ones – 6GLOH • $12.99
  • Baptism Day • 6BDH • $6.99
  • Jesus, I Love You • 6JILYH • $12.99

Total value: $65.94 • Discount price: $49.46 • SAVE $16.48!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review