Five Proofs of the Existence of God



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This book provides a detailed, updated exposition and defense of five of the historically most important (but in recent years largely neglected) philosophical proofs of God’s existence: the Aristotelian, the Neo-Platonic, the Augustinian, the Thomistic, and the Rationalist.

It also offers a thorough treatment of each of the key divine attributes—unity, simplicity,  eternity, omnipotence, omniscience, perfect goodness, and so forth—showing that they  must be possessed by the God whose existence is demonstrated by the proofs.  Finally, it answers at length all of the objections that have been leveled against these proofs. 

This work provides as ambitious and complete a defense of traditional natural theology as is currently in print.  Its aim is to vindicate the view of the greatest philosophers of the past— thinkers like Aristotle, Plotinus, Augustine, Aquinas, Leibniz, and many others— that the existence of God can be established with certainty by way of purely rational arguments.  It thereby serves as a refutation both of atheism and of the fideism that gives aid and comfort to atheism.

Editorial Reviews

"A watershed book. Feser has completely severed the intellectual legs upon which modern atheism had hoped to stand."
— Matthew Levering, James N. and Mary D. Perry Jr. Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

"A powerful and important book. The concluding chapter, where Feser replies to possible objections to his arguments, is a gem; it alone is worth the price of this excellent work."
— Stephen T. Davis, Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy, Claremont McKenna College

"Edward Feser is widely recognized as a top scholar in the history of philosophy in general, and in Thomistic and Aristotelian philosophy in particular. This book is a must-read for  anyone interested in natural theology. I happily and highly recommend it."
— J. P. Moreland, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Biola University

"Refutes with devastating effect the standard objections to theistic proofs, from David Hume to the New Atheists."
— Robert C. Koons, Professor of Philosophy, University of Texas at Austin

"Yet another fine book by Edward Feser. He replies to (literally) all of the objections and shows convincingly how the most popular objections (the kind one hears in Introduction to Philosophy courses) are very often completely beside the point and, even when they're not, are 'staggeringly feeble and overrated'."
— Alfred J. Freddoso, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Notre Dame


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    Adding more power to the proofs for God's existence

    Posted by Charlie Schmidt on Jun 29th 2019

    Edward Feser’s Five Proofs of the Existence of God takes five arguments and demonstrates that they prove with certainty that God exists, assuming that the premises are true. He shows that the premises are reasonable and does indeed present cogent arguments for believing that God exists. What is nice about this book is that his arguments demonstrate that God has many of the traits commonly associated with the Christian God, such as being all-good, all powerful, one, and omniscient. This is an outstanding book and deserves a wide readership. Note that the Five Proofs are not the same as Thomas Aquinas’s Five Proofs, though one of them is. The proofs were chosen for being powerful arguments. This book gives an argument for God’s existence based on the fact that abstract ideas exist, and since they can only exist ultimately in the mind of God, then God must exist. Very few books present that argument, which adds greatly to Five Proofs. The problem of universals is covered clearly.