God or Goddess?

Feminist Theology: What Is It? Where Does It Lead?



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August 23, 1995
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Hauke provides a tour de force study of the history and basic characteristics of modern feminism. Hauke presents an objective, detailed study of the facts of feminist theology around the world, using their own words and writings. He looks at the distinctiveness of feminist theology, what its image of man is as a fundamental point of departure, its basis from the experience of women as "formal principle", its views of the image of God, Christ, Mary, the Church, liturgy, ecology and eschatology. After carefully describing what the feminist position is, Hauke gives a critique from the point of view of the Catholic tradition.

"The purpose of the present work is to provide, not a kind of encyclopedia on feminist theology, but an introduction and representative survey of central themes that will enable one to form a personal opinion. Addressed here are not just specialists in theology but all women and men who desire to inform themselves further about the powerful historical current that is feminist theology." 
-Manfred Hauke

Editorial Reviews

"An excellent survey of feminist theology, past and present. It makes available the thinking of European feminists, as well as influential Americans. As Hauke makes clear, the theological grass is not greener on the other side of the ocean." 
-Dr. Joyce Little, University of St. Thomas


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