Franz Jagerstatter

A Man of Conscience



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January 01, 2020
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In 1938, Hitler’s army occupied Austria. All men were ordered to enlist in the military. Franz Jägerstätter, a farmer, father of four, and a devout Catholic went into military training but refused to fight in Hitler’s army, knowing that he would face execution.

His neighbors, pastor and even the bishop tried to convince Franz to enlist for the sake of his family. But Franz felt that his faith and conscience compelled him to follow the teachings of God and not the decrees of the Third Reich. He was imprisoned, then executed on August 9, 1943 at the age of 36.

In 2007, the Vatican declared Franz a true martyr and he was Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI. The deep faith and courage of this humble farmer is an inspiration to all, and leads many to say no to war and to work for peace.

Featuring Martin Sheen as the voice of Franz Jagerstatter.  


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