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June 09, 2004
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Through his prolific and highly regarded writings, Thomas Howard's name is familiar to Protestants and Catholics alike. With grace, charm, and wit, Dr. Howard describes his journey from Evangelicalism to Anglicanism, and finally, to the Church of Rome. In a world saturated with fashionable unbelief, Howard's testimony inspires and informs.

This is the personal story of a man's search for spiritual fulfillment that includes a detailed explanation of the factors that led him to his ultimate destination. It is a testimony to the difficulty faced by a life-long, well-known Protestant in taking that final step across the threshold to Catholicism. Howard clearly explains the challenges of learning and accepting some doctrines that were completely new to him, and the reactions one might face from friends and family.

Editorial Reviews

"With gentle and compelling wisdom, Tom Howard shows the Catholic faith for what it is, the grandeur of the biblical Gospel and a reflection of the immensity of God's wisdom and grace."
-Scott Hahn, Ph.D., Author, Rome Sweet Home

"Dr. Howard is keenly aware that there are many reasons why one might become a Catholic, some of them very attractive reasons. But he knows that the only consideration that 'will stand up when the foundations are shaken [is] whether something is true or not.' A marvelously engaging remembrance."
-Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, From the Foreword

"Would it be brash to say that Thomas Howard is an American counterpart of C.S. Lewis? I think not. Howard's intelligent, literate and erudite approach to the experience of faith and all of the challenges that faith brings will be enlightening to anyone who takes the Gospel seriously."
-Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., Author, Arise from Darkness


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