Letters to Jesus (Answered) (Digital)

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With brilliance and creativity, Peter Kreeft has taken all of the sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew and provided us with imagined questions for each in a totally contemporary setting. Kreeft asks 285 questions in the form of “letters to Jesus”, each in the voice of a different questioner. The answers of Jesus are taken verbatim from Matthew and printed upside down so that the reader must invert the book to read them.

Along with its unique format, the genius of Letters to Jesus is its clever matching of questions to answers that get to the essence of Jesus’ teachings as they apply to our world today.

Editorial Reviews

“Kreeft has made Our Lord’s words start up off the page and address us at a thousand anxious little points that we would just as soon keep hidden from ourselves and our friends. A ‘drop everything’ book to put on the Very Urgently Recommended List” – Thomas Howard, Author, Evangelical is Not Enough

“Nobody combines simple common sense and real spiritual depth like Peter Kreeft. Letters to Jesus has both, proving once again that, if C.S. Lewis has a successor, Kreeft is indisputably the man.” – Francis Maier


(No reviews yet) Write a Review