Love Never Fails (Digital)

Living the Catholic Faith in Our Daily Lives

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The fruit of much pastoral experience, this book addresses both perennial and current challenges facing Catholics, giving reasons for hope and joy. Touching on a wide range of topics, from prayer to evangelization, it offers insights into living the Catholic faith with humility and heroism as it focuses on the person of Jesus Christ—his identity, mission, and presence in our lives.

Having been a pastor of souls in a variety of settings—the suburbs, the inner city, the mission field, and the seminary—Bishop Hying has interacted with all kinds of people, and he has learned much about God’s purpose and action among us. In Love Never Fails, he provides readable and practical reflections to feed the Christian mind and heart with inspiration.

Editorial Reviews

"Bishop Hying has written exactly the book we need to find the inner peace and evangelical joy God intends for all of us. A marvelously rich meditation on the fidelity of God’s love, our reasons for hope, and the power of a sincere and vigorous Catholic faith to transform ourselves and our world."
—Most Reverend Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia 

"Bishop Donald Hying is a man of vibrant faith, a compassionate pastor, and a courageous leader. Catholics eager to live as missionary disciples day by day have much to learn from one of the leaders of the New Evangelization in the United States."
—George Weigel, Author, The Next Pope and Not Forgotten 

"I’ve long admired Bishop Hying and am now so pleased that a wider audience can be inspired by his ever-enlightening words. Expect the emphasis to be, not on him, not just on issues and problems, but on Jesus!"
 —Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York 

"Bishop Hying brings to mind the great bishops of the fourth century—Basil, Ambrose, Cyril, and the Gregorys—who had a great passion for doctrine and a facility for clear communication. This is a useful, complete, deeply personal handbook to Christian life."
—Mike Aquilina, Author, The Fathers of the Church 

"This is a book of beauty. It will touch Catholics in a very personal way, inviting them to rediscover the virtue of contemplation. Bishop Hying shows that reconnecting with the Almighty is the best antidote to all that ails us."
—Bill Donohue, President, Catholic League; Author, Common Sense Catholicism 

"Practical and clear in its wisdom, glowing with moments of tenderness and joy, Love Never Fails is not only accessible and uplifting but unforgettable."
—Tyler Blanski, Author, An Immovable Feast: How I Gave Up Spirituality for a Life of Religious Abundance


(No reviews yet) Write a Review