Made for Love

Same-Sex Attraction and the Catholic Church



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December 01, 2017
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In Made for Love, Fr. Michael Schmitz presents the Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction and same-sex "sexual" relations.

He begins by giving background information regarding the different worldviews of the human person, the philosophical ideas of nature and purpose, the differences between objective and subjective truth, the principal of non- contradiction, and the fallen human nature that resulted from Original Sin.  He then discusses in great detail the nature and ends of human sexuality and the nature of true love, while, in a compassionate and non-judgmental way, explaining the flawed nature of same-sex "sexual" relations.

While this book is intended primarily for those who have same-sex attraction and their family and friends, its presentation of the compassionate truth of Catholic teaching on same-sex attraction will be of great benefit to everyone in today's society.

Editorial Reviews

“Our brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attraction are saddled with a heavy cross. Fr. Schmitz understands the struggle of the individual and brings Christ to them, with His promise of an easy yoke and light burden. When others would muddy the waters of Our Lord’s love for all, Fr. Schmitz’s book filters the pure and renewing love of God for those who experience same-sex attraction and helps their loved ones understand this particular struggle.”
—Curtis Martin, Founder & CEO, FOCUS

 "The Church has been desperately waiting for a book that addresses same-sex attraction in an orthodox way that is also accessible, kind, and compassionate, a book you'd feel comfortable handing to any person, whether Catholic or atheist, gay or straight. Well, finally we have that book! Made for Love should be considered the new go-to book on Catholicism and homosexuality. Get it, read it, share it and remind the world that God's plan for human sexuality is not a senseless burden but the surest path to joy!"
—Brandon Vogt, Founder of ClaritasU, Author, RETURN: How to Draw Your Child Back to the Church

  "In a culture that confuses love with moral relativism, many people have difficulties with the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. “We should just love people,” they say. Fr. Schmitz helps us approach this topic with compassion and clarity, showing how the Church’s teaching on this topic is all about love. We are made from love, by love, and for love. And if we want to love the people in our lives, we must share this truth with them so they can experience the authentic, lasting love for which God made them."
—Edward Sri, Author, Whom Am I to Judge?


(No reviews yet) Write a Review