Mary in the Redemption (Digital)

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May 03, 2012
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Adrienne Von Speyr was a convert to Catholicism, a medical doctor, wife, mystic and author of some 70 books on spirituality. In this profound work on Our Lady, Von Speyr explores Mary's participation with Christ in our redemption, and the unique relationship that each of us should have with our spiritual mother.

Editorial Reviews

"A beautiful book, beautifully received by the author in prayer. The reader is plunged into the mystery of Mary's co-redemption in an individual manner as our Mother wishes for us. Avoiding the extremes of sentimental devotion or a radical feminist usurpation of Mary, von Speyr's account brings us right into the center of truth. It offers us a bridge between the warm intuitions of our hearts and theological formulations that might sometimes seem cold. Infused mystical theology at the height. Alleluia." "Mary's unique role in the saga of salvation has been pondered by theologians and mystics, popes and saints. Von Speyr has thought deeply and profoundly on Mary's role and gives us precious insights and exhibits profound wisdom."MITRP


(No reviews yet) Write a Review