Mother Angelica's Answers, Not Promises

Straightforward Solutions to Life's Puzzling Problems

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October 22, 1996
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Through her EWTN television and radio network that now spans the globe, millions of people look to the beloved Mother Angelica every day for inspiration and help with the problems of day to day life. Before she founded EWTN, Mother Angelica was author of extremely popular spiritual booklets of which there are more than 20 million in print.

This wonderful book combines Mother Angelica's timeless wisdom and insights drawn from her deep faith and personal suffering and experiences to offer practical answers to life's dilemmas, large and small. Examples of her topics include:

• What's the secret to true joy
• How to get love by learning how to give love
• How to change the channel on needless guilt
• How freedom can lead us to Heaven or hell
• How to overcome lust
• How to forgive those who hurt us
• Why am I afraid to die

"More and more people have learned-often the hard way-that the promises of this world are empty promises. I don't believe in the promises of this world. I believe in answers. I believe there are answers. That's why I wrote this book. We are called to embrace the answers that even now lie within our grasp."
—Mother Angelica


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