Science at the Doorstep to God

Science and Reason in Support of God, the Soul, and Life after Death



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To listen to Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J. discuss Science at the Doorstep to God on the Ignatius Press Podcast, click here.

Today, there is more science-based evidence for God, the soul, and life after death than ever before. Then why are scores of people turning to unbelief because of "science"? The answer is simple: they do not know the science.

Science at the Doorstep to God presents in depth the latest evidence to turn the rising tide of unbelief. Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., synthesizes eight recent studies confirming an intelligent creator of physical reality as well as a transphysical soul capable of surviving bodily death.

This is the most comprehensive scientific treatment of God and the afterlife to date. It combines natural scientific method, metaphysical method, medical studies, anthropological and genetics studies, and phenomenological descriptions, showing how each distinct method and data set reinforces the others.

It is critical for the Church to learn and share the fruits of this research and again to demonstrate the profound complementarity between the Catholic faith and science. Through reason, we can come to see not only the great intelligence of the Creator, but also signs of his love, goodness, and glory.

Editorial Reviews

"This remarkable book summarizes hundreds of arguments, from hundreds of sources. It is amazing how much detail Father Spitzer has included: many lifetimes, it seems, of reading, research, and thinking. He translates the technicalities of science into laymen's language and does not waste a word. This guy is a genius!"
— Peter Kreeft, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Boston College; Best-selling author

"Enlisting the help of philosophy, mathematics, physics, neuroscience, psychology, linguistics, and anthropology, this impressive volume weaves together multidisciplinary answers to some of the greatest matters of inquiry."
— Michael Augros, Ph.D., Author, Who Designed the Designer? 

"Father Spitzer is a remarkable man with a remarkable breadth of knowledge and understanding. Whatever your background and views, you will certainly learn a great deal from this stimulating, interesting book and have your intellectual horizons expanded."
— Stephen M. Barr, President, Society of Catholic Scientists

"Every graduate student in theology needs to read this book attentively. One day, when the Church recognizes the necessity of training its priests in the science that supports our beliefs, and seminaries institute a two-semester course on the unity of faith and science, this book will become the essential textbook."
— Thomas Sheahen, Ph.D., Director Emeritus, Institute for Theological Encounter with Science and Technology

"A compelling answer to those who claim that belief in God is contrary to the deliverances of the sciences. Taking us from the outer world to the inner world, Father Spitzer shows us how each points toward a transcendent reality. His deep conversance with science, philosophy, and theology are on full display in this important book."
— Francis J. Beckwith, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University.

 "Father Spitzer's book is not so simple so as to lend itself to easy refutation. It is not so complex as to be unwieldy and impenetrable. It serves as a guidebook to the serious issues in mathematics, physics, philosophy, and other fields, and ties together these variant strands into a satisfying whole."
— James Sinclair, Senior Physicist, U.S. Navy


(1 review) Write a Review

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    There is abundant scientific evidence that God exists

    Posted by Charles Schmidt on Nov 12th 2023

    Father Robert Spitzer’s Science at the Doorstep to God presents several compelling findings from modern science which point to an intelligent God as the creator of our universe. Among the scientific arguments are the following: 1. The principle of entropy demonstrates that our universe had a beginning, and so it had to have been created. 2. The miraculous fine-tuning of the initial conditions of our universe and the miraculous fine-tuning of the fundamental constants of physics is evidence that an intelligent creator fine-tuned this universe for life. 3. The metaphysical arguments of Thomas Aquinas based on causation and design prove that God exists. Aquinas’s metaphysical arguments agree with similar scientific findings on physical causation and intelligent design. 4. Peer-reviewed studies of near-death experiences of souls leaving the bodies of patients and returning with reports of having seen things which have been substantiated is evidence that immaterial souls exist. 5. Medical studies of terminal lucidity of Alzheimer’s patients and of patients with only 5% of their brains left are evidence that an immaterial soul was doing the thinking in those patients. 6. Scientific studies of human self-consciousness and human abstract reasoning have shown that those capacities cannot be explained in physical terms, suggesting they are spiritual capacities. 7. The nature of abstract concepts which the human brain uses cannot be explained in physical terms. What is particularly interesting is the section which deals with a four-year-old boy named Colton Burpo almost died from a burst appendix and he reported meeting a girl in the spiritual world who resembled his sister, and she said that she was Colton’s sister. Colton said he only had one sister and she wasn’t his sister. She replied that she had died in her mother’s womb. When Colton asked what her name was, she said that her parent’s hadn’t named her and she didn’t have a name. Then she told Colton that she couldn’t wait for her mother and father to get to Heaven so she could meet them. When Colton recovered from his near-death experience, he told his mother about meeting his unknown sister in Heaven, and she replied that she indeed had a baby who died in her womb, and that she didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl and hadn’t named the baby. Colton’s mother was overcome with emotion and told her husband “Our baby is okay.” This near-death experience was the basis for the 2014 film Heaven is for Real, which starred Greg Kinnear and Kelly Reilly. What is particularly striking is that this near-death experience involved an encounter with an embryo that died in her mother’s womb at 8 weeks, and now appears in the afterlife as a spirit which looks like a human girl. This is anecdotal evidence that human embryos at 8 weeks have souls and are human persons, so abortions after the 8th week of pregnancy would involve killing a person. Father Spitzer also talks about the consequences of atheism in this brief excerpt: Another reason to believe in God is because when we ignore the transcendent, sacred and spiritual in our lives, we become profoundly empty, alienated and lonely, which Mircea Eliade calls “the profound anxiety of modern-nonreligious man”. This profound emptiness, alienation, and loneliness manifests itself in significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety and suicides. Atheists claim that there is no scientific evidence that God exists. Science at the Doorstep to God cogently demonstrates that there is abundant evidence that God is real. This is an excellent, well-written and factual book that provides new scientific evidence in support of God’s existence.