The Cross - Second Edition (Digital)

Word and Sacrament

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This small and simple spiritual gem offers a profound contemplation of the Seven Last Words of Christ, with specific application to the seven sacraments he instituted. Adrienne von Speyr leads us to the foot of the Cross, where she gazes upon the crucified Christ and listens deeply as he cries out in suffering and opens the portals of divine grace.

The Cross: Word and Sacrament will challenge and encourage the reader to participate more deeply in the Paschal Mystery through a greater appreciation and understanding of the sacraments and their source in the Cross. The words Jesus utters in his agony, as recorded in the Gospels, contain not only the gifts experienced in the sacraments of the Church but also questions: Do you truly understand what is being offered to you? Will you accept these gifts? Will you suffer the mystery contained in such love?

In short, this book calls the reader to conversion, which is a continual process of turning toward the Son, who leads us, in union with the Holy Spirit, into an ever-deepening relationship with the Father. Thus is the reader invited to enter the very life of the Trinity, that communion of love without end.

Editorial Reviews

"I received far more from Adrienne, theologically, than she from me. Her work appears far more important to me than mine. I am convinced that when her works are made available,
those who are in a position to judge will concur with me about their value and will thank God that he has granted such graces to the Church in our time."
— Fr. Hans Urs von Balthasar, Author, Heart of the World, Love Alone Is Credible

"Von Speyr is one of the greatest mystics of the twentieth century. Her insights into the Bible offer a treasure trove of wisdom."
— Fr. Donald Calloway, M.I.C., Author, Champions of the Rosary


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