The Day Is Now Far Spent



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September 09, 2019
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Robert Cardinal Sarah calls The Day Is Now Far Spent his most important book. He analyzes the spiritual, moral, and political collapse of the Western world and concludes that "the decadence of our time has all the faces of mortal peril."

A cultural identity crisis, he writes, is at the root of the problems facing Western societies. "The West no longer knows who it is, because it no longer knows and does not want to know who made it, who established it, as it was and as it is. Many countries today ignore their own history. This self-suffocation naturally leads to a decadence that opens the path to new, barbaric civilizations."

While making clear the gravity of the present situation, the cardinal demonstrates that it is possible to avoid the hell of a world without God, a world without hope. He calls for a renewal of devotion to Christ through prayer and the practice of virtue.

Editorial Reviews

"To call this book a tour de force would be an understatement. It’s an astonishing work: clear, simple, visionary—and filled with hope."
— Most Rev. Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

"Cardinal Sarah is a latter-day Christian prophet, and this book is his most urgent wake-up call yet to a West sleepwalking toward a paganized dystopia."
— Sohrab Ahmari, Author, From Fire, by Water: My Journey to the Catholic Faith

"Cardinal Sarah is a bright, shining light. His faith illuminates the path to authentic Catholic reform."
— George Weigel, Author, The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections Turbulent Times

"May Cardinal Sarah's pastoral charity, expressed in an extraordinary manner in this book, lead many souls to 'cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light', to 'put on the Lord Jesus Christ'."
— Raymond Cardinal Burke, Author, Hope for the World: To Unite All Things in Chris 

"Especially convincing are the cardinal's reflections on the Church's triumph, which can be achieved only if we follow Christ intellectually, spiritually, and morally, without excusing ourselves from a total self-gift to God."
— Gerhard Cardinal Müller, Author, The Power of Truth: The Challenges to Catholic Doctrine and Morals Today

"Realistic and hope filled, this is essential reading for believers living in a post-Christian world."
— Most Rev. Samuel Aquila, Archbishop of Denver, Colorado

"A riveting account of the issues of our times. Acutely aware of the role of the devil, the cardinal pulls no punches in offering the most cogent analysis of what ails us today."
— Bill Donohue, Author, Common Sense Catholicism: How to Resolve Our Cultural Crisis

"Cardinal Sarah's comprehensive view of the Church and society is as chilling as it is accurate. He offers great consolation to all by reminding us that 'God opens his hand' and gives us the greatest possible remedy: prayer."
— Most Rev. Thomas Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix, Arizona

"The message of Cardinal Sarah is as timely as the solutions he proposes are timeless. His voice of wisdom and holiness urgently needs to be heard."
— Most Rev. Salvatore Cordileone, Archbishop of San Francisco, California

"No other work, or churchman, addresses with such clarity the profound moral and spiritual crisis engulfing the world today, and the solutions for it. A monumental book that every Catholic, and Christian, needs to read!"
— Raymond Arroyo, New York Times Best-Selling Author, EWTN Host, The World Over

"I particularly urge my brother priests and bishops to read this book, taking to heart its appeal to us for spiritual and ecclesial reform and renewal, which must begin with us."
— Most Rev. Alexander Sample, Archbishop of Portland, Oregon


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Amazing book!

    Posted by Sandra on Jan 27th 2020

    I just finished reading "The Day Is Now Far Spent" and am in awe. Cardinal Sarah, with incisive insight, profound wisdom and invincible faith, hope and charity, presents a clear picture of what is happening in both the Catholic Church and the world that is causing the chaos and suffering we all experience at some level today. After he makes sense of it all, he tell us what role we need to play in response to the crises around us - a role for the salvation of our own soul and the soul of the Church. He leads us to know that the title of this book, far from being an expression of pessimism, is a biblical reminder of hope and joy. The book is heavy reading, as any honest look at the plight of the Church and the world today must be. But do not quit in the middle of it. Read through to the end. The end will leave your heart lighter and more energized than the rest of the book might have made it heavy and downcast. If you need to, skip to the end from any point. You will be renewed!

  • 5
    The Day Is Now Far Spent

    Posted by Deacon Rick Bauer on Oct 3rd 2019

    Every once in a decade or so, a book comes into your life that could seem to be inspired of God, that places forth a compelling series of urgent, plaintive pleas to the reader that sound like a letter to a lover contemplating divorce. “Wait”, he pleads, “I want to open my heart to you. You do not know what you are doing. Please don’t go.” Robert Cardinal Sarah has written in deep distress, deeper humility, but in a powerful overcoming faith about the crisis in the Catholic Church. A book that reaches the church at the dawning of the Amazon Synod, his is a plea for purity, for theological soundness, for mercy and grace--with love and reverence to his fellow clergy, his Pope, and the faithful around the world. Every Catholic should read this worthy counterpoint to the anger and hopelessness engulfing the church, and like the two Emmaus disciples who had wandered from their crucified Lord, we can hear again the sweet, Eucharistic words of Jesus, and return to Jerusalem.

  • 5
    The Bark of Peter still floating because Christ is in it in the middle of the storm

    Posted by Thierry on May 5th 2019

    I am reading this book in french ( original). This is a must read if you want to understand what is happening with the Catholic church and actually do something about it. Bottom line: Think about changing yourself and aim for sanctity (does not mean you are a saint) rather than being overly concerned about how to change the Church. This is Christ's job and even if we/05/question his choice of leaders at times ( look at the original 12: a traitor, uneducated cowards) it is His Church, the Bark of Peter still floating because Christ is in it in the middle of the storm even if he seems to be asleep at times!