The Light Entrusted to You

Keeping the Flame of Faith Alive



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January 17, 2018
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We keep the flame of our faith alive by sharing it with others. But we cannot share what we do not know and love ourselves. That's why author John Wood wrote this practical, inspiring primer, which explains the Catholic faith in six simple and engaging lessons that can be applied to everyday life.

The first letters of the six lessons spell the acronym SAINTS, illustrating that the Catholic faith has the power to form ordinary men and women into extraordinary Christians, in other words, saints. Using popular movies, songs, stories, sports, and life experiences, author John Wood illuminates the wisdom of Catholicism and equips us to share it with others, especially our own children.

Editorial Reviews

"A generous book from a wise man. John Wood has put together a step-by-step guide for anyone who aspires to be a saint. Read it, then read it again!"
— Jon Leonetti, Author, Mission of the Family

"With engaging clarity, The Light Entrusted to You offers a refreshing representation of the timeless Catholic faith. In underscoring the daily wrestle with faith, Wood presents a text to help us both live the faith and ensure its transmission to our posterity."
— Curtis Martin, Founder and CEO, FOCUS

"There is an epidemic of people falling away from their Catholic faith, an epidemic rooted in ignorance. Books like this are an invaluable resource for helping people understand just what a treasure trove we have in our Church."
Jennifer Fulwiler, SiriusXM radio host; Author, Something other than God

"The chapter "Athletics" especially speaks to my heart. The journey through these virtues is what makes sports so great. What an incredible way for parents to be able to connect their kid's athletic ventures with their faith journey."
Craig Stammen, Major League Baseball Pitcher; Catholic Athletes for Christ

"A wise and inspiring book for all ages. It presents a fresh, compelling look at the rich treasure Jesus has given his Church to help us become what we are meant to be: saints! It's a beautiful catechesis, filled with clear teaching, colorful inspiring stories, and much practical wisdom."
— Peter Herbeck, Vice President of Renewal Ministries; Author, When the Spirit Comes in Power

"Offers a fresh, accessible, direct approach to living the Catholic faith, especially for parents and all who take to heart their role in witnessing to and handing on the faith. John R. Wood extends an invitation to personal holiness, convinced that holy disciples lead to holy families, who foster holy vocations in Jesus Christ the Light."
Most Rev. Daniel  Thomas, Bishop of Toledo, Ohio

"I wish this book would be given to all couples preparing for marriage and those preparing their children for the sacraments!  Writing with humility and deep compassion, John Wood shares what has brought new meaning and joy to him and his family."
Mother Margaret Mary, Children of Mary Sisters


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