The Real Deal

What Will You Do When the Truth is Revealed

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January 01, 2018
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When a shadowy organization calling itself "The Real Deal" shuts down the country's satellite communications systems and replaces the airwaves with cryptic messages about the state of the world, a group of Catholic high school students must decide how to respond. 17-year -old senior Mouse Mussendon embarks on a mission to find the truth behind the mysterious Real Deal messages. The Real Deal will engage and challenge teens and young adults as they articulate their identities, and choose their path in life. While the country convulses with conspiracy theories and the Feds launch a worldwide manhunt, Mouse embarks on her own adventure.

The Real Deal follows multiple story lines as Mouse and her classmates, parents, teachers, and their spouses respond to this challenge. The Real Deal is part mystery, part contemporary satire, part techno-thriller, and part call to action. Ultimately and finally, it is the chronicle of one brave girl's journey towards self-discovery - toward The Real Deal.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review