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January 01, 2020
360 minutes
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This acclaimed, in-depth new 12-part docudrama series on the Protestant Reformation chronicles the tumultuous religious upheaval begun in the 16th century by Martin Luther. This major upheaval has led to the current disunity within the Body of Christ, and the secularization of modern culture. Includes soundtrack CDs.

Six hours, 6 discs

  • Episode 1: A Catholic World
  • Episode 2: Luther’s Struggles
  • Episode 3: Polemics as Theology
  • Episode 4: Disagreement and Chaos
  • Episode 5: A Christian State or State Christianity
  • Episode 6: John Calvin & the Wars of Religion
  • Episode 7: Henry VIII & His State Church
  • Episode 8: Dissolution of Monasteries & the Pilgrimage of Grace
  • Episode 9: The Council of Trent
  • Episode 10: From the Western Rising to Elizabeth I
  • Episode 11: The Catholic Reformation
  • Episode 12: From the “Reformation” to the Modern World
  • Bonus Material: Soundtrack CDs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review