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A Beginner's Guide to the Spiritual Life



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What is theology? It is nothing more, or less, than the study of God. All who pray are, in a sense, theologians. All who believe in Christ are called not only to sanctity, but to theology. "Be transformed by the renewal of your mind" (Rom 12:2).

Yet the field of theology, as taught in universities, can sometimes look like a distant abstraction, reserved for an intellectual elite. This cannot be the case. To prove it, Cistercian Fathers Roch Kereszty and Denis Farkasfalvy of the University of Dallas, both veteran spiritual directors, bring us Theology in Practice: A Beginner's Guide to the Spiritual Life.

Guiding readers from the first inklings of God's presence, to the fire of married love, to the miracle of the Eucharist, and even to the hour of death, this book completes the circuit between theological study and human experience. Never before has the Church believed as strongly as she does today that spirituality must, like leaven, penetrate and transform the ordinary, "average" walks of life. It ought not be limited to those who withdraw from the world.

This unique work, written by two longtime friends and brothers in religious life, draws on the riches of the Cistercian founder Saint Bernard of Clairvaux—and with him the whole tradition of the Church Fathers—to communicate Christ's peace to hearts and minds.

Editorial Reviews

"Written by two Cistercian monks, with over a hundred years of combined priestly experience, this book brings a lifetime of pastoral wisdom to bear on the questions of vocation, virtues, holiness and the transforming power of the sacraments. Theology in Practice is a helpful guide for readers at any stage in their spiritual lives."
— Edward Sri, Author, Into His Likeness and The Art of Living

"In this superb book, the authors draw deeply from the wellsprings of Cistercian spirituality by going back to the writings of its founder, Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. The result is practical, accessible, and irresistibly attractive. Highly recommended!"
— John C. Cavadini, Professor of Theology and Director of the McGrath Institute, University of Notre Dame

"In many ways a perfect introduction to Catholic spirituality. Challenging and erudite matters for serious reflection are elucidated with great clarity. Capable of providing immediate benefit to our spiritual lives as we gaze toward the mysterious beauty of our Catholic faith."
— Father Donald Haggerty, Author, Saint John of the Cross: Master of Contemplation

"To Father Roch and the late Abbot Denis, spirituality is not an amorphous connection to the divine but rather consists in the entirety of the Christian life, including the Church, the sacraments, and vocation. They show how conversion to the Triune God, union with Christ, and the life of virtue stand at the center of spirituality understood as divinization. A book as profound as it is practical!"
— Matthew Levering, James N. Jr. and Mary D. Perry Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

"For these two exceptional writers, theology is a course of action in the spiritual life. No separations here between head and heart. To aid the spiritual life, they give lucid and fresh treatments of classic theological mysteries. To aid the theological life, they compound them with the spiritual challenges of a Christian. Happily recommended to all levels of readers for a long-needed reunion of theology and spirituality."
— David W. Fagerberg, Professor Emeritus, University of Notre Dame; Author, Liturgical Dogmatics

"A clear and fresh synthesis of Catholic theology and the interior life. I can think of no better guides than Fathers Farkasfalvy and Kereszty—both exemplary theologians and spiritual directors—to lead the believer to grasp the truths of revelation from the perspective of the beginner setting out on the Christian way. An enlightening and inspiring work."
— Margaret M. Turek, Author, Atonement: Soundings in Biblical, Trinitarian, and Spiritual Theology


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