Why Does Everything Come in Threes?

A Short Book about Everything



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Since the beginnings of the Church, much has been written about the Trinity in the Creator. In this accessible book for ordinary Christians, Peter Kreeft reflects on a different topic: the Trinity in the creation.

Because, as G. K. Chesterton put it, in creating us, God "broke His own law, and made a graven image of Himself", it comes as no surprise that we find a Trinitarian structure embedded in our lives—not to mention the universe itself. While the fact that so many things come in threes does not prove the dogma of the Trinity, it does give powerful clues to this truth about the nature of ultimate reality.

Join the journey with Peter Kreeft and explore the threefold structure of everything.

Editorial Reviews

"Kreeft ingeniously unveils the triune dynamic in our universe, selves, souls, and stories — a dynamic that characterizes God.  This book is a true inspiration from one who has immersed himself in the heart of Christ."
— Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., Author, God So Loved the World and The Soul's Upward Yearning  

"Aristotle, endeavoring to understand why space comes in three dimensions, observed this perfection in the number three: it is the number of a beginning, middle, and end, of an 'all,' and for that reason, he said, it is used in the worship of the gods. If a pagan philosopher cannot but notice some special significance of three permeating the world, much more must a wise Catholic be able to elaborate on the fact. That is just what Kreeft has done in this edifying book."
— Michael Augros, Ph.D., Author, Who Designed the Designer? and The Immortal in You

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    Three cheers for threesomes

    Posted by Charlie Schmidt on Apr 14th 2024

    Catholic philosopher Peter Kreeft has written this book about how many things occur in threes, such as the three aspects of time – past, present and future – or the three dimensions of space. He suggests that since God is a Trinity, and since God created the universe, the universe reflects God’s Trinitarian nature. This book can be classified in three ways, as a book about metaphysics, about ethics, and about God’s nature. This is a delightful and insightful book. Here are three excerpts from Why Does Everything Come in Threes: Truth is an absolute good, not good only relative to or justified by anything else. It is good for itself, by itself. That is one of the greatest differences between the medieval mind and the modern Baconian, Utilitarian mind, which sees truth as a means to power or pleasure rather than an end in itself and self-justifying. Good may seem sometimes untrue (e.g., apparently unattainable ideals), but goodness itself is not. In fact, “that’s too good to be true” is always in some way false unless God does not exist. The good is our true end, our true meaning, our true happiness, and our true identity. God does not need us; we need him, and we need to know and express our need for him. What difference does it make that God is a Trinity? Because God is a Trinity of three persons, and because they love each other, then God is Love. Since God is the core of reality, this means that the nature of being is love. The more loving a being is, the more real it is. To give love and to receive love are the two things that make us most subjectively happy and objectively perfect and complete. Peter Kreeft is a prolific Catholic philosopher, and this is his 102nd book. He can be compared to G. K. Chesterton and C. S. Lewis since he writes short, clear and profoundly wise books. This book gets an “A” and is short, having taken me only 3 hours to read.