Wisdom and Wonder

How Peter Kreeft Shaped the Next Generation of Catholics



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Few figures have impacted the rising generation of Catholics more than Peter Kreeft, the widely respected philosophy professor and prolific bestselling author of over 80 books. Through his writings and lectures, Kreeft has shaped the minds and hearts of thousands of young apologists, evangelists, teachers, parents, and scholars. This collection of eighteen essays, mainly by millennial Catholic leaders and converts to the Catholic faith, celebrates Kreeft’s significant legacy and impact, his most important books, and the many ways he has imparted to others those two seminal gifts: wisdom and wonder.

Among the eighteen contributors to this book are Brandon Vogt, Trent Horn, Tyler Blanski, Dr. Douglas Beaumont, JonMarc Grodi, Jackie Angel, Matthew Warner, Rachel Bulman, Fr. Blake Britton, and others.

Editorial Reviews

"The wonderful essays in this collection witness to the extraordinary influence of one of the great teachers of the Catholic faith in our time. In their intelligence, wit, and faith, these young disciples of Peter Kreeft show that they have sat attentively at the master's feet. But their most significant contribution is this: they make people want to read the works of the man who so inspired them."
— Bishop Robert Barron, Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles; Founder, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries

"University professor, philosopher sage, convert apologist, prolific author, Peter Kreeft is our generation's C.S. Lewis and more. These essays, by an appropriately diverse group of authors, reflect the broad range of Peter's appeal and influence."
— Scott Hahn, Ph.D., Author, Rome Sweet Home

"It takes a special gift to make the classical philosophical tradition accessible to a general readership. Once Mortimer Adler did the job. Equal talents are needed to make serious Catholic apologetics accessible to the same audience, and writers like Ronald Knox once showed the way. In recent decades, Peter Kreeft has ably taken up the mantles of Adler and Knox, and a generation of readers is in his debt, as is the Church."
— Edward Feser, Professor of Philosophy, Pasadena City College; Author, Five Proofs of the Existence of God

"An amazingly fine and compelling collection of articles honoring an amazingly fine and compelling man of God. It's hard for me to enumerate the multitude of men and women whose journeys of faith, both to Jesus Christ and his Church, have been inspired by the writings of Professor Kreeft."
— Marcus Grodi, EWTN Host, The Journey Home; Author, Life from Our Land

"Mix the curiosity of Socrates, the heart of Augustine, the clarity of Aquinas, the wrestling of Pascal, the apologetics of Lewis, and the wonder of Chesterton, and you have the special cocktail that is Peter Kreeft. For both fans of Peter Kreeft and those discovering him for the first time, this collection of his essays is the perfect gateway into his splendid work."
— Matt Fradd, Host, Pints with Aquinas; Author, How to Be Happy: Saint Thomas' Secret to a Good Life


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