By Strange Ways

Theologians and Their Paths to the Catholic Church



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August 24, 2022
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The only work that exclusively features the conversion stories of theologians, this book provides a unique vantage point on the intellectual challenges faced by those being drawn to the Catholic Church.

The men and women featured here come from a variety of backgrounds: agnosticism, secularism, New Age thought, punk rock, and various stripes of Christianity. Their theological vocation had specially prompted them to question their own intellectual presuppositions once they encountered Catholicism, which only gained in credibility the more they studied it.

Although it was the theological truth of the Catholic faith that initially captured the attention of these theologians, each of these essays tells a fully human story. They are not collections of arguments, but stories of grace. Among the ten converts are Scott Hahn, Lawrence Feingold, Melanie Barrett, Petroc Willey, and Jeff Morrow. Each story offers a fresh glimpse at God’s work in the world.

Editorial Reviews

"Catholicism is a matter of faith, yes, but of reason too. These are not uneasy allies working independently, but friends cooperating on a common project of understanding. By Strange Ways illustrates this truth through the experiences of contemporary theologians, considered not just as minds but as flesh and blood human beings."
—Edward Feser, Professor of Philosophy, Pasadena City College; Author, Five Proofs of the Existence of God

"The conversion stories in this book are about how accomplished and intellectually gifted men and women fell in love with Christ and his Church. They give their reasons, which are eminently compelling. But because no one ever gives his life for a syllogism, the reasons for conversion are always in service of the heart, which must first be moved by grace in order for the will to assent."
—Francis Beckwith, Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University; Author, Return to Rome: Confessions of an Evangelical Catholic


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